Luckys Rainbow Daydream Pack Information

Q: Does the Holi Powder stain?
Holi Powder is very easy to wash off but can occasionally stain light fur. This will come out after 2 or so washes though

Q: Will the colour show up on darker dogs?
Absolutely, our powders are very bright and vibrant on all dogs

Q: How easy is it to wash off?
Very easy, a simple bath and scrub with remove the Holi Powder! Our packs even come with a bathing pack to wash your pooch afterwards.

Q: What happens if my dog eats or licks the holi powder?
Our Holi Powder is made from Cornflour which is safe for dogs to consume, but we do not recommend letting them eat the powder and try to avoid them licking themselves

Q: What is in your Holi Powder?
Our Holi Powder is made from 98% Cornflour and 2% natural colours

Q: Is Holi Powder safe?
Our Holi Powder is completely safe for pets and humans!